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About DeeDee

Celebrity Makeup Artist

"Your face is my canvas" is the creative tag of celebrity makeup artist DeeDee Kelly. Her love for beauty and fashion called her to leave the hustle and bustle of corporate America with a dream, a plan, and a few brushes. "I just wanted something more, something creative." says Kelly. As a former model, of course she is beautiful, but Dee Dee as that little something extra - that THING that makes people want her: a vibrant infectious energy, a beautiful inner spirit, which serves as the real secret for her master strokes of the brush in the world of beauty and makeup.

She has her first encounter with a brush painting a children's mural in 1992. From there, it was onto modeling, where she out-painted the hired makeup artists, even waiting the faces of fellow cat-walkers. Somehow, even that was still not enough.

She left the runway to enroll in makeup licensing courses at VonLee in Baltimore, MD. With her new credentials, DeeDee quickly landed a position with one of the leaders in the cosmetic industry, MAC Cosmetics. She instantly carved a name for herself and droves of customers would ask for her by name. In 2003, she began taking on a host of freelance opportunities in television and print.

DeeDee Kelly

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